What We Do

Redefining the Pre Launch Sale

Pre Pre Launch Sale (PLS) helps real estate developers to raise Independent alternative finance at the initial stages of a project. PLS will also help gauge the demand and supply in the geography, help decide the best pricing strategy and the right market focus for the project... Read more..

How We Help Developers

A 3-Way Approach

How It Works

Simple, Secured and Transparent

North Facing Realtech is helping the Real Estate developers to achieve this by a simple 7 steps process with Hand Holding at all stages by experts and advisory at a cost effective in an optimized time... Read more..

Why We Do

Creating Socio Economic Development

Every Real Estate development achieved though this is creating a community , social development , psychological security and there by we are enabling the Gross National Happiness ( GNP ) than just be a contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)...Read more..

Meet The People Who Make North Facing Realtech

Manoj Motwani


What We Have Achieved So Far

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