Cash in on low rates to buy a second home

Posted on:2016-06-20T09:31:54

In the last eight months, the RBI has cut policy rates (repo/reverse repo) by almost 150 basis points. But this is not all – interest rates are expected to fall further in the coming months. ...

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Three mistakes property buyers make

Posted on:2016-06-20T09:29:33

Buying a property is not easy, no matter what agents and real estate advertisements want us to believe. And buyers, especially first time buyers, make umpteen mistakes in the process. Rather than p...

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Risks in Property Investments

Posted on:2016-06-20T09:27:55

Most people wish they had bought a home sooner or invested in a piece of land. Lately however the charm of property investments is waning due to three main reasons – low returns, illiquidity and co...

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The Psychology behind Property Investments

Posted on:2016-06-20T09:18:43

In a world of multiple investment choices, ever wonder why the old asset class of property continues to be a popular choice globally? The answer may lie in the nature of property as an asset class ...

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