Cash in on low rates to buy a second home

Posted on:2016-06-20T09:31:54

In the last eight months, the RBI has cut policy rates (repo/reverse repo) by almost 150 basis points. But this is not all – interest rates are expected to fall further in the coming months. ...

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Bring down Property Prices, says Governor Rajan

Posted on:2016-05-05T12:49:55

Bring down property prices, says Governor Rajan He is perhaps the only governor of the Reserve Bank of India with the looks of a rock-star. Flamboyant and fearless, he is today known amongst school...

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Time to focus on Rental Housing

Posted on:2016-05-05T12:46:54

Harvard researchers predict that over the next ten years, India can become the world’s fastest growing economy. The real estate sector, the highest job-creating sector after agriculture, has ...

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Credibility Cycling

Posted on:2016-05-03T10:26:32

Let’s understand the science behind the cycling first, to 1. Two wheels 2. One frame 3. Connectivity and 4. A cyclist –the driver who rides it . The modern bicycle, complete with a steel frame, a c...

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