The word REAF stands for Real Estate Alternative Finance. REAF helps Real Estate developers raise capital in a cost effective and easy way. REAF also provides advisory services to developers in structuring the transactions and also facilitates them.

Developer can use REAF for multiple purposes,

  • Do pre-launch sales using REAF's professional platform 
  • Professional and structured sales platform
  • Alternative construction finance
  • Access real estate investors in India and abroad (NRIs)
  • Agent sales networks
  • Marketing strategy consultancy 
  • Sale of unsold inventory at the time of project completion
  • Creation of bespoke property investment opportunities

If you are a Real Estate developer fill in the registration form Registration. we will get back to you soon. For any other specific requirement write to us at contact@reafglobal.com. We will be glad to hear from you.

We do both. Though pre launch sales is our core strength, we have partnered with other organisations to do the regular sales for the developer.

REAF works only on an exclusives basis when it comes to regular sales with exclusivity marketing rights. We charge a success fee. However, all expenses are payable on actuals. The fee is negotiable depending upon the project and the market.

All cost has to be borne by the developer, but the marketing plan will be made jointly by the developer and the REAF team, after understanding the goal, that needs to be achieved and the timelines. REAF has on board an experienced team of marketing professionals who will assist developers in selling the property.

All projects will be sold under the developer's identity, REAF is only the facilitator.

REAF team takes the responsibility for providing all information relating to the investment opportunity. This will be done through various meetings , training programs, webinars, meet ups and also videos.

We recommend sale of 20% to 30% of the total project through the REAF platform under pre launch sales. This will help developers maximize profits.

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