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How it works for Developers?

REAF helps developers to tap the vast and growing global network of investors who are keen to invest in Real Estate opportunities. A Real Estate developer, who is launching a project anywhere in India can connect with us with information and approvals to sell their project to our members.

We bring a large and discerning investor members through our partnerships with wealth advisors. REAF helps developers to create a detailed opportunity document as per the requirement of the members and also helps in connecting with the members through various ways such as, Webinars, launch program, events and expo, mailer campaign, networking event and also through its advisors.

It is mandatory for developers to go through a detailed due diligence by a REAF appointed third party professional team before sharing the information with its members.

REAF never solicits or collects any funds in the name of the developer; all sales are done directly by the developer to the members and the funds are deposited in an escrow account owned by the developer. REAF only charges a marketing fee linked to the success of transaction and a success fee at the end of the transaction

REAF helps the developer on selling the projects by 2 different mechanisms

Our mission is to connect the global Real Estate investors with the local
Real Estate developer and thereby enabling fund surplus for every developer

REAF follows a simple 7 steps process to achieve this

1.Registration:An easy registration process to express interest for reaching the customers of REAF.
2.Document Submission:  Basic documents required by REAF for the initial processing are
  • Full product information
  • References
  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Provision for real time availability updates and construction progress reports
Documents can be submitted in either digital or hard copy format, as per the comfort of the developer.
3.Due Diligence Participation : As a part of building credibility and security for both the developer as well as the investor , REAF will appoint a third party, highly credible and established due diligence authority , who will conduct a detailed DD as well as do Rating and Ranking of the proposed project and developer track records .
4.Prepare and List the Opportunity: It is mandatory to create structured opportunities that have to allow the investors to invest in a simplified and secured manner. REAF helps the developer to create and list opportunities to members across geographies easily through a tech enabled platform.
5.Trace the Fund Flow: Monitor sales and flow of funds into the escrow account on real time. This will help the developer to understand the demand and price ,the product as per the customer expectation and value proposition.
6.Provide Updates: To build trust and bring in more transparency, provide updates on the project including sales and pricing through a third party validated reports regularly.
7.Sell and Exit: Help exit the project by identifying the end user buyers and start selling to them. First sell the inventory of investors and then sell the remaining homes.

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