Why We Do

Creating Socio Economic Development

  • Housing for all - shelter - fulfilling one of the basic necessities of humanity
  • When basic needs are fulfilled, they fulfill the pre peril needs
  • Shelter, the housing fulfills various social needs
  • To fulfill the social needs, the need related to industry to be fulfilled.

Every Real Estate development achieved though this is creating a community , social development , psychological security and there by we are enabling the Gross National Happiness ( GNP ) than just be a contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The world is facing a global housing crisis. In cities around the world, almost 1 billion people live in sub standard housing without clean water or adequate sanitation. Every week more than a million people are born in or move to cities in the developing world, driving up the need for New and better housing.

Housing is a key input in economic, social, and civic development. Many housing-related activities contribute directly to achieving broader socioeconomic development goals. Housing investment is a major driver of economic growth. Housing construction creates job opportunities.

Building Participative Mechanism

On the social side, housing is, after food and medical care, the first need of vulnerable populations following natural and man-made disasters. In better times, good housing builds wealth by appreciating in value, providing a hedge against inflation, providing secure premises for income-generating activities, and opening the door to credit. Incremental investment in housing allows poor families to improve their asset base over time, as resources become available. And clean, warm housing is an essential input for prevention and care of diseases of poverty Housing is also an effective way to promote good governance.

  Building Communities

  Developing Societies

  Making Impact  

The need to improve housing conditions stimulates civic organizations (housing associations, community-based organizations) that act as incubators for elected representation. Investing in housing expands the local tax base, thereby facilitating the emergence of autonomous and responsive local governments. Safe homes and neighbourhoods, in which residents are satisfied with housing conditions and public services, help build social stability and security .Despite the clear evidence of the linkages between housing and socioeconomic goals, Many policy makers and practitioners are not taking advantage of them. In many countries around the world, opportunities to achieve economic, social, and civic development goals through housing-related initiatives are being missed. Our objective is to achieve this by creating a stable, sustainable and inclusive growth by the way of participative mechanism.

Real Estate Development as a Driver of Economic Development

Developed Economies

  • Macroeconomic impacts of Real Estate account for a significant portion of annual GDP
  • Real Estate developments generates expenditures outside the Real Estate sector
  • Housing and Real Estate asset classification leads to greater market efficiency, stability, and liquidity

Developing Economies

  • Real Estate construction in low-income neighbourhoods is a stimulus to creation of small businesses
  • People are more likely to use their community as places of employment
  • Cultural and personal value of society
  • Microfinance for Real Estate employees that may be bundled with loans for business development

“It Takes a Village” An old African proverb

Children and their parents need safe neighbourhoods, good public schools, easily available health care, after-school programs, and secure places to play, and so on. We need to come together as a society and try to raise our children collectively. The Real Estate developments create an impact investment than just structural development. Through REAF we are enabling this. The Real Estate development sector encompassing the housing and construction activity has a substantial potential to kick-start the economy on account of the significant backward and forward linkages with crucial and critical sectors of the economy including over 280 associated industries. Construction is one of the largest employment generators and accounts for a significant proportion of the GDP. At REAF we address them, economic and social development will expand, business opportunities will grow, state and local governance will be stabilized.

Creating socio-economic development through impact

investments in Real Estate developments

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